About Circles of Malice

Circles of Malice” are more than the fiery depths of hell in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno — Circles of Malice also ignite infernal moshpits that inevitably open up in front of the stage when mighty groove metal of American descent meets Gothenburg-inspired melodies and multiple vocal attacks. Circles of Malice don’t hesitate to set necks on fire and burn innocent spectators’ souls.

The five Berliners are taking their debut EP “Husk” on a procession throughout the old continent in order to unleash their signature hellish inferno of death and groove metal upon Europe’s club and festival stages.


Sascha “Tippe” Schneider – Vocals
Robert Müller – Guitar, Vocals
Marcel “Darell” Schönbörner – Guitar, Vocals
Fabian “Fabien Blackwater” Engert – Bass, Vocals
Jakob Helm – Drums